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The Big Falls in Forest Falls
7:00 AM    12/13/2018
The Big Falls in Forest Falls
Temperature: 37.6℉
Humidity: 50%
Wind Speed: 0.0 MPH
Rainfall Today: 0.00 in.
Weather as of 6:55 AM on 12/13/2018
Current: 50%
Min Today: 44%
Max Today: 57%
Min Yesterday: 44%
Max Yesterday: 57%
Min This Month: 6%
Max This Month: 99%
Min This Year: 1%
Max This Year: 99%
Wind Speed Averaged
Past 5 minutes: 0.0 MPH
Past Hour: 0.1 MPH
Max Today: 2.5 MPH
Max Yesterday: 12.8 MPH
Max This Month: 13.4 MPH
Max This Year: 36.0 MPH
Gust Speed Maximum
Past 5 minutes: 0.0 MPH
Past Hour: 2.5 MPH
Today: 2.5 MPH
Yesterday: 20.1 MPH
This Month: 20.1 MPH
This Year: 42.5 MPH

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