Forest Falls - The Big Falls - Current Photo

The Big Falls in Forest Falls
10:25 AM    12/12/2017
The Big Falls in Forest Falls
Temperature: 46.4℉
Humidity: 22%
Wind Speed: 0.0 MPH
Rainfall Today: 0.00 in.
Weather as of 4:34 PM on 12/13/2017
Current: 22%
Min Today: 11%
Max Today: 22%
Min Yesterday: 11%
Max Yesterday: 22%
Min This Month: 3%
Max This Month: 62%
Min This Year: 3%
Max This Year: 99%
Wind Speed Averaged
Past 5 minutes: 0.0 MPH
Past Hour: 0.0 MPH
Max Today: 1.8 MPH
Max Yesterday: 3.8 MPH
Max This Month: 23.5 MPH
Max This Year: 28.2 MPH
Gust Speed Maximum
Past 5 minutes: 0.0 MPH
Past Hour: 0.0 MPH
Today: 2.5 MPH
Yesterday: 4.9 MPH
This Month: 27.5 MPH
This Year: 42.5 MPH

The Big Falls web cam first went live on Monday morning, November 20, 2017.

Its dedicated weather station is expected to go live by the end of November. Until then, the weather metrics shown for the Big Falls are coming from the weather station at downtown Forest Falls.

Mountain CARE thanks those who donated money to make this new camera site a reality.

The date and time above are current only when the camera is online.

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