Volunteer Opportunities

As of October 2015, Mountain CARE has the following volunteer opprtunities:

Web Camera Enclosures

We are adding several new cameras in the coming months to our existing network of web cams. We need for each camera to be mounted in a weather-safe enclosure that will look right for each camera's respective installation location. For example, some cameras will need to be mounted on or near homes or garages. The enclosures should match the existing building color, style, etc. 

Mountain CARE would appreciate someone volunteering their shop equipment, time, and skills to build and finish the web cam enclosures.

Graffiti Cleanup

Several locations in or near our communities regularly have graffiti. Mountain CARE has a special coating approved by and obtained from the U.S. Forest Service for covering the graffiti.

We periodically check these areas and clean up the graffiti. We are always happy to have help from new or returning volunteers for our periodical graffiti clean-up activities.

Please tell us the event or activity for which you would like to volunteer, and best days and times for us to contact you.